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by Allan Jenkins on February 8, 2010

  • Even though you can’t physically get in a person’s face online, you can invade their personal space. Everything from posting on an individual’s Facebook wall too often to constantly posting silly games on personal Facebook pages is an invasion of space. So are emailing prospects something about your product every day and uncontrollably direct messaging your twitter followers with your product information. Doing any of the above is a sure way to become the awkward follower.
  • No one really needs to be sold on Gmail anymore. Either you like the threaded conversations, powerful search, built-in filters, and awesome Gmail Labs functionality or you don't. I love these things, and below I've attempted to put together my comprehensive guide for turning Gmail into the ultimate communication and productivity hub. (I'm focusing on covering territory that I didn't cover in my previous guide, so if you're looking for a more beginner guide, read that first. Much of it remains true.)

    I've broken things down into sections, starting with keyboard shortcuts, then moving down into the best Labs add-ons, third-party add-ons, search techniques, etc. Ready to power up your Gmail? Let's get started with how to set up and use Gmail's robust keyboard shortcuts—my favorite Gmail productivity booster.

  • Darryl Campbell on why everyone is mad about everything all the time.

    Benjamin Franklin, that idiot, once wrote, “Whatever is begun in anger ends in shame.” Obviously, the twenty-first century has proven him wrong. This is the age of Bill O’Reilly and Frank Rich, Pitchfork reviews and hipster-hate (or possibly self-hate?), and, worst of all, YouTube comments. (Don’t just take my word for it: do a search for something innocuous, like “cats,” click on the first link, and I’ll bet you that the comments include such gems as “Jesus can fucking suck it…SATAN 4 LIFE” or “It appears to me that the little black kitten in 202 and 211 imay have been drugged… If this is true and that is how you’re going to make videos of innocent animals, you shouldn’t be making them. Drug yourself and put it on film and leave the animals alone!!”) Nothing is too sacred or too trifling to bash, and bash angrily, whether the stylistically and morally incoherent Thomas Friedman to grammarians of all stripes.

  • With social media growing as a popular resource for businesses to reach out and connect with customers and prospects, presenters need to look outside of the room where they give presentations.

    Sharing them on the Internet establishes your expertise, shows how you think, spreads your brand and provides yummy link juice. Here are eight ways you can squeeze more out of your hard work in creating your beautiful bullet-free presentation.

  • Excellent color theme generator. Also generates from images. Must have.

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