About this site


I opened Desirable Roasted Coffee on June 11, 2004, with a brief entry promising little humility. I started posting in earnest in October 2004.

The blog started started as a personal blog with only incidental looks at the communication profession. But, by the end of 2005, with 312 posts, it had evolved into a blog that is mostly about how communication, society, and technology push each other around.

It’s still mostly about communication, society and technology, with the occasional digression into cartography, food, innkeeping, politics or whatever.


This is the fifth design of Desirable Roasted Coffee. The logo was created by my friend Stine Skoett Olesen, one of the best (and internationally award-winning) art directors I know. The present layout is a variation of the Thesis theme, but will be tweaked over time to incorporate more of Stine’s original design.

Typepad-to-Wordpress conversion

From January 2005 until September 2009, Desirable Roasted Coffee was hosted at Typepad.com. This presented great problems (for me, a non-programmer) when I decided to move to a) the WordPress platform and b) the desirableroastedcoffee.com domain. I cannot thank Alec and Martin at Foliovision enough for speedily converting my Typepad blog to the WordPress platform.