Allan Jenkins provides communication counsel and support to senior managers and communicators with strategic counsel, tactical support, and personal coaching & group training.

Strategic counsel

Successful communication helps you make your business strategy a success. Allan Jenkins helps you:

  • Develop communication strategy that supports your business strategy.
  • Develop communication programs to investors, media, employees, customers and other stakeholders.
  • Successfully introduce social media so you can have richer conversations with customers and staff.
  • Set up issues management programs – and respond to crises.
  • Develop communication measurement plans.
  • Mesh online and offline communication.
  • Establish a more effective communication team.

Tactical support

Sound strategy is only the first step to communication success: execution matters just as much! Allan Jenkins:

  • Writes and edits annual reports/reviews, articles, press kits, advertising brochures, white papers, etc.
  • Develops media Q&As, and carries out media training.
  • Writes and edits key presentations and speeches.
  • Plans and moderates workshops, seminars, and focus groups.

Personal coaching & group training

Everyone can communicate more effectively. Allan Jenkins provides both 1-to-1 coaching and group training to help you and your team put your messages across successfully.

Allan Jenkins creates tailored coaching or training sessions for your company, ranging from 1-hour keynote talks to multi-session personal/group development workshops. Here’s what recent clients have wanted to learn:

  • Plan with Logic… Deliver with Passion
  • Think Before You Write: Planning Focused, Persuasive Reports, Presentations, and Proposals
  • Make Data Come Alive: Turn Dry Number Into Visuals That Motivate!
  • Know Your Audience: 10 Steps to Improving Any Presentation
  • How Successful Organizations are Using Social Media to Listen, Learn and Converse
  • The Home Office Doesn’t Understand Us: Improving Employee Communication Across Borders
  • Communication Measurement: How to Measure What Matters

Let’s talk!

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